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Get strong enough to reach your goals, and be bulletproof enough to mitigate injury.


PeakLiving personal training is all about creating a program to fit into your life.

All you have to do is choose your coach, show up, and we'll do the rest.

On your level.
On your schedule.
On your phone.



My goal is making you the best you can be at what you love to do. Peak Living is not about making you really good at working out. Peak Living is about preparing your body to do the things you love. When you are doing the things you love and feel great doing it, that is Peak Living

Meet the team


Coach Jake


Fitness and Mobility Coach



FRC mobility specialist

Functional range assessment specialist




Nutrition Rx


Coach Elek

Fitness coach


FRC mobility specialist 

Hey there! I'm Coach Jake, the proud owner of PeakLiving. My mission is to help people like you achieve your fitness goals while saying goodbye to those pesky joint pains. I'll be your guide, providing personalized coaching and incorporating functional range conditioning exercises for mobility along with a specialized program that will turn you into a pain-free athlete. Let's embark on this incredible journey together and embrace an active, fulfilling lifestyle!

Coach Elek Here! Passionate about weightlifting, training, and the great outdoors, I thrive on the challenges of the gym, the thrill of hunting, and the tranquility of fishing. Eager to share my expertise and support others on their fitness journeys.


Coach Jordan

Nutrition Coach



Precision Nutrition L1 Certified Coach

Hi there! I'm Coach Jordan, passionate about all things nutrition! My goal is to help those who desire to live healthier, more abundant lives. My life has vastly changed for the better ever since I recognized the importance of what goes into our bodies and how simple it truly can be to make positive changes in that area! I can't wait to be a helping hand in a community that focuses on well rounded health.

Happy clients

"Jake is a great fitness coach! He does an awesome job explaining how the body works and making workouts that are customized for my personal goals. He has challenged me to stay consistent and to be healthier. I definitely recommend him!"

- Morgan Hepler


Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) is an evidence-based system of joint health, mobility and strength training. It is designed to improve mobility and strength in the body's full range of motion, and to reduce the risk of injury. FRC utilizes specific exercises to enhance mobility, stability, and strength. Let's get the guesswork out of training. Start with your coach today!

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