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What the heck are CARs?

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

I get this question quite often with a very confused look. CARs are not as old as the bench press so it's not understood quite as well yet. Just because it's new doesn't mean it's not good. In fact, wouldn't you agree the fitness industry as a whole needs some shaking up? The current industry standard is that if you have "abs," you're fit - and if you don't, you're not.

If that's your current outlook on fitness I'd encourage you to read this article.

So why does the fitness industry need CARs? CARs are the best way to feel fantastic. I Jake Gold personally want to feel fantastic all the time. So how do I feel fantastic? I do my CARs.

So now we have the big question "what the heck are CARs"? Well I'm so glad you asked. CARs stands for controlled articular rotations. So your CARs will look a little different from my CARs because I might have more range of motion in my shoulder than you. You might have more range of motion in your hips than me, So your hip CARs will look different than mine. To put it simply CARs is the full range of motion that your shoulder can achieve, if your shoulder can do it we'll see it in your shoulder CARs.

CARs are not just moving your limbs at random. CARs are moving your limbs in a very controlled and specific manner. While doing so you will develop a more robust joint from more blood flow, more information sent to the nervous system which will stimulate synovial fluid & connective tissue production and my personal favorite greater ability to contract the muscle. The majority of your strength is based on your ability to stimulate the muscle tissue to contract.

CARs have different levels

CARs start out as level 1 which is moving your joints though all ranges of motion.

After a couple weeks as you develop a better awareness of your range of motion you can progress to level 2 CARs. Level 2 CARs isolate a joint to a greater degree, intensity is also raised.

Level 3 CARs is a full workout like you've never felt. Here's the best way I can describe these to you, imagine your doing your max 1 rep deadlift. Got that mental image? So take that intensity and imagine all that power going into one joint in a very specific range of motion.

In conclusion I'll give some cases why CARs would be beneficial.

  1. If you would like more mobility

  2. If you would like enhanced performance in sports

  3. If you would like to sustain less injuries

  4. If you would like to be stronger

  5. If you would like to feel fantastic

Now that you understand the reason to do CARs It's time to get started. Here at PeakLiving you can get comprehensive coaching including videos, video calls, and workouts straight to your phone so you can workout on your schedule wherever you are. If you would like videos on CARs check out my youtube channel where I will continue to be posting more CARs videos to or check out my instagram @coachjakegold

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